About us

Born in N.Y.

Our name comes from a quiet quaint town in the gentle rolling hills of upstate NY. It is there that our two founders, Mark and Dan, transformed a dilapidated dairy farm into one of the largest, most sustainable organic farms in the northeast.

Among the many things our farm produces, it is perhaps best known for being the first legal hemp farm in New York. From food to fabric, hemp has helped humans survive and thrive since the dawn of time. It’s hard to know why it was made illegal in the first place, but it took 80 years for the US to right that wrong.

Our founders, Mark and Dan, played a big part in making that happen. From their work with the Governor on down, they HELPED HEMP TAKE ROOT ACROSS THE STATE.

At Eaton Pet & Pasture, we use hemp as well as other naturally grown renewable material to create premium pet care products that are...


We design everything for a HAPPY PET AND A HEALTHY PLANET so you can feel as good about your purchase as your most finicky friend, furry or feathered.